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Why do everything yourself?

There are many aspects of a business that can be outsourced to save a busy business owner a great deal of time. These include sales and marketing, admin, telephone answering, diary keeping, Human Resources and, of course, bookkeeping and accounts…

Bookkeeping and accounts can take up a lot of time and many business owners dislike doing it. But why should they suffer it when a professional bookkeeper like myself can do it for them?

I work with many small businesses, looking after the day-to-day bookkeeping. I organise their accounts ready for submission when their filing dates approach. As I am well connected within the Hertfordshire and north London business community, I can also recommend people I trust to perform other business functions too.

Why do business owners outsource in the first place? Common reasons are:

  • They realise it’s not the best use of their time
  • Someone else can do it better which, given the importance of the work, for any business is very important
  • The business owner has become so stretched that outsourcing the bookkeeping is a cost effective way of gaining capacity to enable the business to grow.

Common concerns about outsourcing bookkeeping and accounts:

  • A lack of confidence in others, to some degree it’s a leap in the dark
  • Finance – will it prove worhtwhile financially?
  • Logistics – how do I explain to someone else the ins and outs of such a complex set up as mine?
  • Fear of giving up some control
  • Being out of control if not preparing the numbers themselves.

The reality is totally different: if the figures are dealt with correctly and analysed properly, they give invaluable information to the business. So, the control the business owner has actually increases! Invoices and statements generated promptly and accurately helps the business operate efficiently and effectively.

How can you have confidence in the person you are outsourcing to? Personal recommendation is always the best indicator. Ask to speak to other clients of the bookkeeper. Listen to what they say.

Spend your time doing what you are good at – growing your business! Outsource what is time-consuming and not essential for you to do. Trust that someone else can do it quicker and cheaper than you can. Go for it, take the leap!

If you’re considering outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounts preparation then please give me a call on 07930 451 11 or ping me an email. I’m happy to chat on the phone or we can arrange a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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