Sample customer statement

Sample customer statement (above)

Is it better to post or email statements to customers?

The Post Option
Using the Royal Mail is not always convenient or reliable. Postage costs in the UK have increased significantly over the past several years. There’s also a cost in the time it takes to post statements, to print them and for envelopes.

However, there are still some customers who prefer, or even insist on, printed hard copies.

The Email Option
Most accounting software now offers the facility to email statements direct to your customers.

  • Can be emailed direct to the accounting function of the organisation
  • Statements are delivered almost instantaneously
  • Costs are minimal in both time and actual costs
  • Easy to send regularly, usually once a month.

If you go the email route, do you still print and file a hard copy for your own records? Or perhaps you prefer a ‘paperless office’, a whole other topic with quite a few challenges that I plan to cover in a future post.

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